In a context where the decisions of some impact the future of others, changing our modes of production and consumption and rethinking urban areas to make them more environmentally friendly requires technical solutions, citizen awareness, political will, and financing that go beyond the decisions or resources of Local Authorities.

What solutions are emerging in terms of financing and governance – especially in the context of post-Covid recovery plans? What solutions are available to Local Authorities to attract the subsidies needed for biodiversity restoration and conservation, to implement public infrastructures that respect biodiversity, but also to encourage green modes of production, consumption, and transport?

What system(s) of governance should be put in place between the different levels of decision-making – State, Federated States’ Subnational Governments, Regions, Local Authorities and Cities -? Are there any examples of decision-making spaces that work at the scale of large bio-regions – such as mountain ranges, rivers, seas, deserts, large forest areas… -? What role(s) do Local Authorities play? How can this governance be improved?