“Ordinary” Biodiversity areas are those from which we draw our natural resources around the nexus: water – land – air/energy – agriculture – everything we need to live.
This webinar aims to highlight these territories which, although essential to the survival of Humanity, are now subject to strong anthropic pressures, to which are added the effects of global warming. These areas are not protected and rely heavily on Subnational Governments and Local Authorities for their management and development.

What are the levers of action for Subnational Governments and Local Authorities? How can the Elected Representatives of these territories, in the short, medium, and long term, preserve these “ordinary” natural spaces from which their inhabitants derive their resources to live, and in which they also live? How can Local Authorities impose sustainable ways of behaving on operators? What means can be used to restore areas destroyed by intensive exploitation of land and water environments? How can we combat pollution of all kinds locally?