Webinar 3: 20 June 2019

Two sides of the coin: Taking up the challenges to address both the Global Climate and Natural Crisis together most effectively by exploring the linkages between them” on 20th June 2019.

The following presentations were delivered:

  • Introduction and progress to date – Ingrid Coetzee, Senior Programme Manager (CBC), ICLEI
  • The global picture – what is happening on biodiversity in the climate space, key messages on the CBD taken to the UNFCCC – Yunus Arikan, Head of ICLEI Global Policy & Advocacy, ICLEI
  • Thoughts grom Regions4 and the outcomes from their learning platform event on the same topic – Renata Gomez, Project Manager: Regions for Biodiversity Learning Platform, Regions4
  • TNC’s work in the climate and biodiversity space, their position on the 2 crises, and cities – Joel Paque, Program Director Cities, TNC
  • Wrap up, questions, discussions, and closure – Timothy Blatch, CWN Coordinator, ICLEI

To access further resources mentioned in the webinar, please refer to the following links:

Full recording of the webinars from the 10am SAST session and the 3pm SAST session.

For more information on the Edinburgh Process, visit the event website.
To register to participate or make an enquiry on the Edinburgh Process, email enquires-subnationalworkshop@gov.scot
Links to ICLEI’s CBC website, the NATURVATION Website, the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD), and CitiesWithNature.
Other important documents and information related to this webinar series can be found on the Post 2020 Platform for Local and Subnational Governments.

If you have questions, comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at timothy.blatch@iclei.org. We look forward to connecting with you again soon.