Thank you for joining our webinar “Rising to the restoration challenge” on 3 June 2021.

The following presentations were delivered by the panel of speakers:

10 AM Speakers

Sebastian Slecht – Strategic Management Green Capital of Europe | Department for Environment, Mobility and Sports, City of Essen – Presented the Emscher River Restoration Project

Ernita van Wyk – Senior Professional Officer: Social-ecological Systems – Presented Jukskei CMP Project

Peter Wiborn – Senior Project Manager, Ecosystem Services, Environment and health department, City of Stockholm

Zorina Culasero – Puerto Princesa City


3PM Speakers

Maribeth De Lorenzo and Jay Wilson – Senior Policy Advisor working on the Kingman Island Project

Beth Jackson – Environmental Program Supervisor at Orange County – presented Orange County Resilience Strategy’s land preservation component

Asis Alocar (Head of Department and Environmental Conservation) and Carolina Duarte – Yucatan State – Ecosystem restoration strategies in Yucatan

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We hope you found the Webinar informative and the shared information to be helpful to your work!

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